About Leros

agios isidorosLeros is a beautiful island north of the Dodecanese which is the group of islands spread along the east border of the wonderful Aegean sea. It is located between Patmos and Kalymnos islands, not far away from Kos island.

Leros is a very special Greek island, with a magic and original charm. It offers traditional and familial way of life, combined with an exciting or relaxing -  upon your taste -  summer nightlife.

Leros is also surrounded by beautiful natural beaches where you can enjoy crystal clear water, delightful sun and delicious Greek food, as you will always find nice tavernas close to every beach.

PanagiasOf course, relaxing on the beach is not the only thing you can do in Leros! The cultural life is also very rich, as the island has a great history and you will have the chance to discover many interesting monuments and museums. For further information please visit the web site of Leros municipality.

Another interest of Leros is its central position in the so-called "small Dodecanese Islands", which actually are some jewel islets, still natural and preserved from massive tourism such as Lipsi, Aspronissi, Arki, Marathi and Agathonissi. Don't miss the chance to visit them!

  • Vromolithos
  • Sunset
  • Panteli
  • Towards Panteli
    Towards Panteli
  • A view
    A view
  • The Castle Road
    The Castle Road
  • Agia Marina, looking towards Nero Milo
    Agia Marina, looking towards Nero Milo
  • Panteli